About me

Storytelling in design has become an essential tool for any brand/product/designer to establish a connection to its audience. Therefore, through my eyes, sharing a bit of my background could be important to you.

Similarly to everyone this past year has been rough, I had to deal with a bad break up, loss, getting fired with the announcement of a lockdown, then getting hired again by the same company when everything was opening back up, only to leave a bit later (the company is now closed as far as I know), and to put the cherry on top I lost all of my files, all the work I've done.

I realize this is probably not what an employer wants to hear, but I started questioning my love for design. After losing everything, unable to find a job in my field for a while, I kind of lost my passion. I stopped spending hours reading about design, watching videos or practicing my skills, which for me it was unusual even if it just lasted a couple of months. Because of that, I started thinking about alternative career paths, something that only helped me realize the only thing I want to do in life is design. I was reminded what I love about it, the furthest I drifted away from it the more I started to miss it, so.. I started a new portfolio with the hopes of finding a company I can continue growing with. The following images are just random files I could salvage from all the work I've lost, either from companies I used to work at, or university projects.

Now that everything is said and done, I can finally confidently introduce myself! Hi, I am Andreas Vasileiou, a 25 year old designer addicted to clean and minimal design. I specialize in animation, web design and branding, but I am not afraid to dabble in all things design.

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Thank you for your time! :)